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Choose a purebred dog without a hurry

Choose a purebred dog without a hurry

If you need a hunting dog, find a breeder who breeds this kind of dogs. Then you will get a really good hunting dog.

If it is possible, get the contacts of the hunting dogs breeders that breed only one type of dogs. Visit the breeder, join the hunting dogs owners’ club in order to get all kind of information about the exact breed of dogs. Think wisely what kind of dog you need and never buy a dog from the markets, pets shops or unknown sellers. If you don’t follow this advice, you won’t know if the chosen dog is healthy, what kind of dogs are its parents and the most significant you won’t be able to check its manner. Of course, this kind of dog is cheaper, but if it gets sick, you will spend a great sum of money to cure it.

If you have chosen a rare breed, it is extremely difficult to find the best breeder of it. It is advisable to ask the cynological society for help that has data bank of the breeders. Sometimes a rare breed should be imported. It is recommended to fill all the required documents and to ask the cynological society if there were imported any dogs of your chosen breed. Don’t be afraid that the rare breed will be more expensive than the popular one. Sometimes a rare breed dog is cheaper because it is difficult to find a new home for the unknown breed.

The male and the female dogs have their own advantages and drawbacks. The male dog’s manner is more stable than female one’s. The male dogs are more independent and are not so affectionate.